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Remembering the LIFE of Xiomara Dejesus -You will never be forgotten

This is my Story

     Hello my name is Seisy and I have 3 kids. Sadly, my last one, the 3rd, my baby girl passed away. I am the Mother of Xiomara Dejesus. She passed away at 7 months, and this is her life. . .

When my baby girl was born, she had down syndrome and two holes in her heart. Since birth Xiomara was in and out of Metro Health Hospital. As time passed by, she continued getting worse and breaking out in a rash. The doctors were unsure of why my baby girl was getting worse. Therefore, the last time she stayed in Metro Health Hospital was November 15th, 2012 when I transferred her to the Cleveland Clinic Hospital. After only two days, the doctors at Cleveland Clinic Hospital told me that my baby girl was suffering of cancer. I became overwhelmed by feelings of shock, broken heartedness, and disbelief. I wasn't aware that my baby girl had cancer. Metro didn't know why she was getting worse or what was going on with her. I became completely broken hearted.

Days go by, and the doctors told me that she was getting better. Hope and joy came into my heart to hear that my baby girl (Xiomara) was getting better.

I was happy! Until like 1week later when her cancer became worse and the doctors told me that she developed lung cancer too.

Omg, I was crying because I knew my baby girl was not going to make it.

(I prayed)
Lord, please bless her!

When the doctors woke me up and told me, "spend time with your daughter because she only has a few hours to live," I cried and called my family. I told them the bad news. They came as soon as they could to see her. While I got to hold my daughter the doctors were surprised that Xiomara's lungs were getting better, when she felt my skin against hers. But then, I put her down and her oxygen began getting low again. So I asked the doctors if I can hold her. Before I was able to hold her in my arms again she passed away.

The doctors brought her back to life.

However, when I got to hold Xiomara again, her daddy and I were crying. Hurt, knowing that my baby girl was dying. That God was waiting for her.

While holding my baby we noticed on the machine that the first thing that shut down were her lungs. . . then her heart. . .

She was gone. . . my baby girl was gone. She passed away from down syndrome, hlh cancer, and lung cancer.

When she passed away in my arms, I tried to give her CPR. . . to change her diaper. . . In the meanwhile, she was already gone! She had passed away!

. . . I hope this story touches hearts

I miss her so much!

We love you Xiomara! Mami, Daddy, Jernando, and Karina love you and are missing you like crazy R.I.P. Xiomara
6-22-12/1-13-13.... <3

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